Research Services

A long experience in working with archives means that Helen Doxford Harris has extensive knowledge of a wide range of records, including 19th century Aboriginal, police, criminal, court, goldfields and women’s records. Past clients include a number of Philanthropic Trusts; Museum of Victoria; Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office; Heritage Victoria; LaTrobe University; National Trust, a number of academics and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine.  She appeared in the SBS documentary ‘Ned’s Head’, which related the research on a skull claimed to be that of Ned Kelly.  Her article on police involvement in the Infant Life Protection Act is in Issue 9 of Providence, the journal of the Public Record Office.

Helen is a member of the Professional Historians Association, and an experienced and popular speaker on a range of topics.   She has lectured to a wide variety of family and local history groups, given papers at international conferences, and taken part in seminars throughout Australasia.

Helen has been interviewed on radio and by the print media on numerous occasions.  

To contact Helen, please email hdh1[at]  (replace the [at] with @)

For research in Queensland, I recommend Judy Webster.