Theatrical, Literary, Artistic


Compiled by Helen D. Harris OAM

This web page is a compilation of information on theatrical, literary and artistic people I have come across over the years, and has been put on the net to aid fellow researchers.

Please note that I have no other information regarding these people, unlike most of my other web pages, and that the sources are all listed here.  Those who wish to know more will have to look at the original source themselves. If that is not possible, I will arrange copying of the reference, where applicable, and details of the costs involved are listed below.  Note that this does not include obtaining copies of insolvency files, which can take some considerable time to examine, and for which I would charge according to the time involved.  I can be contacted on hdh1[at] (replace the ‘at’ with ‘@’).





Please note that I do not have this material in my possession; most of it is held at the Public Record Office.   As the PRO are now phasing out photocopies,  and have a digital camera available for researchers, I will only be offering digital copies.  The various pricing options available for a copy of an individual file are:

$55 to copy up to 20 pages and deliver to you via a File Transfer system.
$60 to copy up to 20 pages, burn to a CD and post to an address in Australia.
$68 to copy up to 20 pages, copy to a USB stick and post to an address in Australia.
An additional fee would be payable for bigger files, and a discount is available for multiple orders.


  1. Note the names, date and detail of the file, including the number of pages involved.
  2. Either send a cheque in Australian Dollars made out to Harriland Press to PO Box 92, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia, 3131, or email me to obtain details for a direct credit to our account. Overseas orders are advised to use a service like Western Union, as it is cheaper than a bank cheque.
  3. Remember to supply your own address, including if possible, an email address.
  4. You will be emailed when your letter arrives and again when the copies are sent. My email address is hdh1[at] (you will need to remove the ‘at’ and replace with @).

When someone requested a file I have kept a note of their details, and placed a CONNECTION FOUND next to the relevant entry.  If in the future someone else requests the same file, I put the two researchers in touch with one another.  As this webpage is now some twenty years old however, I have found that many of the older email addresses are no longer working, so have discarded those references, and the ‘Connection Found’ entries  prior to 2016.