Wife & Child Deserters – Victorian


(Note that this listing is only of those deserters with photographs. For details of the many who are described in the Victoria Police Gazette, see the introduction).

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ALEXANDER, John.  Printer, deserted wife Catherine c1886.  In 1906 she wrote to police from Carlton, asking them to find him; she believed he had remarried and was in Tasmania.  He would then be 53 yrs old.  He had a brother Joseph in Melbourne.  Although there was a photo on the file originally, it was returned to her after police searched unsuccessfully.  Her original letter is on file.  9 pages, List 3.

ALLAN, James Alexander. Deserted wife Anna Dorothea Mathilde and two children Drina and Phyllis at Carlton in 1918. They were married in 1910; Phyllis born before marriage. He was 39 yrs old, a clerk in the Home Affairs Dept., but left there with Anna FLIGNER (c20 yrs) and went to Darwin. Arrested by police and extradited. Intimate personal details given. 56 pages, some duplicates, and faded photo of him.

ALLEN, Charles William. Deserted his illegitimate child Edward Thomas BRADY at Port Melbourne in 1928. He was c22 years of age. Small photo on file.  1 page only.

ARMSTRONG, John, deserted wife Alice Caroline and child at Preston in 1928.  He was 28 years, a driver.  Photo of him and a female.  3 pages, List 6.

AYERS, Lawrence, deserted wife Annie and children at Carlton in 1901.  He was 40-45 years old, a carpenter.  4 pages plus photo.  List 4.


BAILEY, Charles alias WILLIAMS. Deserted wife Florence Julette Amelia Bailey at Carlton in 1918. He was 54 years of age and a spiritualist. Warrant subsequently cancelled as maintenance paid. 9 pages and postcard style photo of a number of people, possibly taken in Europe, judging by police (?) uniform.

BALLAM, Walter, or PALMER. Left for Western Australia in 1912; wife Minnie Frances Ballam suspects he intends to desert her, and that he has a woman with him. He is a carter, 33 years old. They have a 12 year old child. Photograph of him and one page.

BARKMAN, Frederick. Deserted wife Rose at Mildura in 1917. He was born in New Zealand, 29 years, a cook. 14 pages, one photo.

BARRATT, Herbert, deserted wife Violet at Glen Iris in 1928; 32 years, photo with child taken in 1924.  3 pages, List 6.

BARRETT, Thomas, wanted for wife desertion at Leongatha in 1910; not found.  4 pages and photo, List 4.

BARROW, William Henry, deserted wife and children at Echuca c1926.  In 1928 W.H. McCANN reported him; c56 years.  2 pages and photo.  List 4.

BAYNTON, William Thomas. Married Alicia Ellen McGINTY in 1915, then in the AIF. However he was already married, and had a wife Rosetta Lucy nee THORPE and two children in Kingston Tasmania. Arrested, he broke out of prison and escaped. In 1917 it was believed he was in New Zealand. No photograph of him, but of his two children, and copies of both marriage certificates. 22 pages.

BEATTIE, John, deserted wife Agnes at Cranbourne in 1928.  He was 52 years, a farmer; supposed to be with a Mrs. BROWNLEE.  Photo of him; 3 pages, List 4.

BELL, Hepenstal Mitchell. Sought for committing a bigamous marriage. Married firstly Mathias JOHANSEN in Brisbane in 1911, then Thomas Oliver HOWELL in Seymour in 1917. She was the daughter of Ernest and Sarah Jane Bell nee OSWIN. Very complicated story. Howell in the army and sent overseas. Hepenstal’s former school friend Marcella Mabel WILLIAMS of Punchbowl Sydney alerts Howell’s mother in Charters Towers Qld. to her true history. She is receiving a military allowance from Howell, but living with William ARNOLD, claiming to be divorced. She had also adopted a child in the past, but gave it away after awhile. There are letters to a Mrs. HETHERINGTON of White Hills Bendigo and four photos: two of Hepenstal and Thomas, with him in military uniform, one photo of both of them in uniform, and one of her in uniform. The case was apparently never proceeded with, as it would have proved too expensive to bring witnesses interstate. 36 pages.

BENNETT, Henry. Baker at Yarrawonga, sold out in 1918 and supposed to join wife Sarah in Brunswick, but went to Sydney. 45 years of age. 14 pages, one photo.

BERKELEY, John Edward, deserted i3 illegitimate children, Alfred E., Gladys and John F., of Rose Frances ANDERSON, Jolimont; formerly factory manager for Snider & Abraham, South Melbourne.  Left for Qld in 1911; photo.  In 1913 Rose asked police to trace him, believed to have married May CAMPBELL and have a child by her, and be interstate under name of HARCOURT.  File covers 1913-1917.  13 pages, List 8.

BLACKBURNE, Frank Russell, deserted wife Bertha in 1905. He had been a clerk in the Lands Department and owed money.  She is left destitute.  Several letters from Bertha, and one from Fran on file.  30 pages and one photo.  List 6.

BOOTH, Joseph, deserted wife Kate Alious at Coburg in 1928.  He was a 54 years, formerly a railway station master, believed to be with Elsie G. McALPINE.  1 page and photo.  List 5.

BOUCHER, Thomas Tyrer. Deserted wife Annabell in Richmond in 1917, aged 51 years. 2 pages and photo.

BOURKE, Charles, driver, c27 years, deserted wife Myrtle in 1928 at Coburg, 6 pages, List 4.

BRETTAGH, John Robert. Deserted wife Daisy and five children at Ivanhoe. File covers 1917-1918 and has two photos of him, one clean shaven, one with a moustache. 56 pages.

BROOKE, Henry Clifford, metal polisher, 59 years, deserted wife Florence at Fitzroy in 1930.  3 pages and photo.  List 8.

BROOKS, Leslie Joseph, deserted Christina BARKELY and child Graham BROOKS at Clifton Hill in 1928.  Hawker, two photos of him with a child. 5 pages, List 6.

BROWN, Arthur Andrew Clyde. Deserted wife Charlotte in Brunswick in 1918. Theatrical wig maker, 36 yrs. Group photo of nine adults and five children in a park. 7 pages, damaged.

BROWN, Robert. Deserted wife Stella at Mackenzie St., Melbourne in 1917. He was a motor driver and mechanic, 35 years of age. 2 pages, 3 photos, one portrait, two distant shots [faded] with group in car.

BROWN, William, deserted wife Florence at South Melbourne in 1913.  Labourer, 42 years, may use names BRASSEY or FERGUSON.  Not found.  In 1920 police search again.  8 pages and photo.  List 9.

BUGANY, John, deserted wife Henrietta at Goulburn in 1902, believed at Bendigo.  Not found.  Note, no photo but letter from her.  21 pages, List 6.

BULL, Harry Austin, 43 years, sought by wife in Fitzroy in 1910. Left for Tasmania 2 weeks ago; English, bookmaker’s clerk.  Photo of 3 people on a ship.  11 pages, List 8.

BULLEN, Ernest. Deserted wife Rose in Richmond in 1917. He was 26 years of age. 3 pages and photo.

BURSTALL, Albert Ernest. Wanted for failure to pay maintenance on his two children at Carlton, 1918. 2 pages and photo.

BURT, James Francis, known as Frank, deserted wife Marianne at Derby Tasmania.  She took out a warrant in Sydney in 1901 and wrote three letters to Victoria police before he was arrested; no photo, but letters are interesting.  27 pages, List 4.

BUTTERWORTH, Cecil.  Charged with child desertion in 1915 by Miss HURLEY.  Note that this is an incomplete file of 11 pages.  There is no photo, but I’ve put it on this site in case the rest of the file turns up later.  List 2, 11 pages.

BUTTERWORTH, Mrs. Jean of Bordertown, wrote in 1919 re her husband Arthur Henry and his failure to pay maintenance to her and their two children. He had a brother in Victoria. Not found. 10 pages and photo.

BUTTERWORTH, Robert Edmund. Deserted wife and five children in 1902 in Geelong. He was a labourer, shearer and handyman, c35 years of age, probably using name BURTON, and had run off with Mrs. Annie PHELAN and her son. Found in New Zealand and extradited. 60 pages, photo.

BRYAN, Arthur, deserted wife Helen at Wonthaggi in 1928.  English, 25 years, left with youth named STANTON.  2 pages and photo.  List 4.

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CABALZER, Christopher, deserted wife Elizabeth and 4 children at Lefroy Tasmania.  Arrested in Victoria in 1896 and returned to Tasmania.  Photo of him with a group of men.  28 pages, List 4. CONNECTION FOUND.

CADDAYE, Mrs. Rose.  Wrote from Mirboo in 1908 re her husband Andrew, who uses name MAYO.  He has deserted her; she had a son.  Police find him interstate; he has two children by another women.  Poor quality photo on file.  2 pages. List 3.

CAMERON, Gilbert. Deserted wife Annie in Bendigo in 1897. He was born in Victoria, a miner, 30 years of age, and had been working at Broken Hill, 1 page and photo.

CAMPBELL, George, 36 years, labourer, deserted wife and child at Surry Hills NSW, in 1914.  7 pages and photo.  List 9.

CAMPBELL, Victor James Ronald, deserted wife Ivy at Woodend in 1929; labourer, 28 years.  Photo and 8 pages, List 8.

CANVIN, Harold William of Fitzroy, wrote in 1919 re his wife Elizabeth, who had drawn money from the bank and disappeared with their three girls, Kathleen Marie, Dolly Hetty and Jeannie, aged 9, 7 and 5 years. He suspected she had run off with a cousin named Offie MARTIN. There is a photograph of the three girls, and a woman with the head cut out, but the body visible. The back of the photograph has written in pencil ‘ Pte. W. Canvin, 46th Battalion’ and has a message to ‘Daddy’. Police fail to find her. 5 pages.

CARTER, Charles William Thomas.  His wife, living in Payneham South Australia, took out a warrant in 1918.  She believed he was with his sister Mrs J. DITTMER in Carlton, but she claimed not to have seen him.  9 pages and Photo.  List 10.

CASS, Edward. Alias COSTELLO/HOWARD. See my Missing People web pages for details of this complicated case involving OSMAN, STEWART, STEANE, ASHTON, PARKER and RICHARDS.

CHAFER, Mark, deserted wife Alice at Wentworth NSW in 1907; 40 years.  No photo.  Not found.  8 pages, List 7.

CHALLEN, Oliver Leopold, deserted illegitimate child Jack SHERIDAN, mother Agnes Sheridan at Prahran in 1928.  He was a widower with two children, c40 years, electrical engineer, brother was at Malvern.  Photo of him in some sort of uniform.  2 pages, List 6.

CHANTER, Reginald, returned soldiers, 40 years, deserted wife Elizabeth and child at Swan Hill in 1929.  In 1930 she took out a warrant.  2 pages and photo in uniform (damaged.)  List 8.

CLAGUE, Thomas, wanted in 1912 for failure to comply with maintenance order for wife Margaret, Bendigo.  Very faded photo on file.  Victorian, 26 years, blacksmith.  9 pages, List  4.

CLINCH, John, deserted wife Agnes at Collingwood in 1913, believed in Sydney.  He was 28 years old.  Found.  7 pages and photo.  List 9.

COCKERILL, George Edward Raymond, deserted wife Dorothy Myrtle and four children at Kensington in 1928.  He was a lorry driver, 31 years, photo in uniform.  5 pages, List 5.

CONDON, Michael John. Deserted wife Susan in North Melbourne in 1918. A fireman on board ship, using name M.J. CRAWLEY, and was formerly in the New Zealand military. No photo, but letters from both Susan and Michael. 16 pages.

CORNEHLS, George, deserted wife Ida and child Victor Harold at Carlton in 1928.  He is an electrician, 31 years. Photo and 2 pages.  List 6.  CONNECTION FOUND.

CORNISH, William James.  Deserted wife Alice Valerie at Caulfield in 1930, believed to have run off with Margaret DENHAM.  He was 46 yrs, English, a tramway employee.  Small photo of him in tramway uniform on file.  3 pages and photo, List 2.

CROCKER, John, deserted wife at Christchurch New Zealand in 1896.  Solicitor’s letter on file, she is going to divorce him.  No photo, but small flyer of an art union of 2o of his paintings, he is an artist.  18 pages, List 7.

CROWLE, George Adolphus. Deserted wife Martha and five children in Ballarat in 1917. He was 36 years, a shearer, and was believed to have gone interstate. File covers 1917-1920 and the continued search for him. It includes a number of letters from Martha who is destitute. 96 pages, 2 photos, one in a group and one with a child.


DALLAGLIO, Louis. Complicated story, not really a desertion, but I couldn’t resist! He and his wife Florence nee McCormack were separated, and he had custody of their child Florence Mary. He left her in the care of Mrs. Rose PRIEST of Frankston and visited regularly. Joseph KANN, a soldier, kidnapped the child and returned her to her mother in 1918. Police investigate, and Louis gives them a copy of a photo of his former wife Florence. 5 pages.

DAVIES, Arthur Bernard, deserted wife Rosina Mabel at Collingwood in 1919.  2 pagess and photo.  List 10.

DAVIES, Montague Duroure, 32 years, deserted wife Edith May in Adelaide in 1906 after stealing her money.  Traced to Melbourne and living with barmaid Doris CHAMBERS.  Photo, 9 pages, List 7.

DAVIS, Abraham, deserted wife Alice and 6 children in Darlington Sydney in 1918.  She has taken out a warrant.  7 pages, List 10.

DAVIS, Margaret, Redfern, NSW, wrote in 1918 re her husband Joshua Percy; she has a warrant for his arrest.  She has 3 children the oldest 12 years.  Not found.  8 pages, List 10.

DAY, Francis Alfred. Deserted wife Elma May and child at Bendigo in 1918. Pastry cook, 34 yrs. 4 pages and photo of him in military uniform; photo torn at level of shoulders and cap.

DAY, Henry, deserted illegitimate child by Violet may BAKER at Fitzroy in 1930; labourer, c29 years.  2 pages and photo of him and small child.  List 8.

DECKER, Phillip Alfred, deserted wife Annie and four children at Richmond in 1907; miner, 39 years.  Photo.  6 pages, List 8.

DEER, Claude Emerson.  Deserted wife Alice Maud at Kensington in 1912; a baker, 26 years.  26 pages, List 4.

DELLAR, Albert Claude Percival. Deserted wife Annie and two children at St. Kilda in 1917. He was c38 yrs of age. 2 pages, photo has been damaged.

DERRICK, Ernest (known as Dick), deserted illegitimate child by Gertrude STANTON at Mirboo in 1905.  She is destitute.  Found with his brother in Queensland.  3 pages and photo, List 4.

DODSON, Walter. Deserted wife Margaret and children Walter and Veronica in Melbourne c1914. He was a coal lumper, aged 38 years. 10 pages, some damaged and photo.

DON, Norman James Dirk, deserted wife Hilda at St Kilda in 1919.  He was a cook, 25 years, mother lived at Brighton.  4 pages and photo.  List 10.

DOWNIE, Harold Thomas, deserted wife Emma and two children at Northcote in 1928; 33 years, a labourer, wedding photo on file.  1 page, List 5.

DREW, Ernest Victor. Deserted wife Grace Agnes and 3 children at South Yarra in 1917. Mother Mrs. WATTS. He was aged 28 yrs. 1 page and photo.

DUBBER, Wallace. Engine driver, 44 years, deserted wife Minnie Beatrice and absconded with 17 year old Minnie Kathleen DOCHERTY or FOSS. Her father William Docherty of Horsham also lodges complaint. Photo of Minnie on file. 4 pages.

DUCKWORTH, James.  Deserted wife Catherine in Zeehan Tasmania in 1905; were newly married.  A miner, c48 yrs.  File contains his letter, giving reason for leaving and asking her to follow him, and one from her to police two months later.  Photo and 4 pages,  List 3.

EBSWORTH, Frederick Edmund. Deserted Bruce FRAZER, his illegitimate child by Mary Jean FRAZER at Footscray in 1919. No photo, but letters from Mary, Frederick and his sister/brother on file. He was a clerk, c30 yrs of age. 16 pages.  CONNECTION FOUND.

ELLIOTT, Edwin Finley. Deserted wife Alice Victoria at Footscray in 1918. Plumber and tinsmith, 28 yrs. She has three children and is pregnant with a fourth. He is believed to be living interstate with Cynthia BEST. He may use the name JOURDAIN. Photo of him in evening dress, and six copies of just head and shoulders. 18 pages.

ELLIOTT, William Mason, deserted wife Jane Wylie at Ballarat in 1891; book-keeper, 39 years native of New Zealand.   Served with maintenance order and persuaded Mrs. Annie PURDUE to go surety, but absconded, and she asked to produce bond.  In 1897 police report he is living with Martha FARNSWORTH in Victoria.  His wife Jane was living in Invercargill New Zealand and couldn’t afford to come to Melbourne.  Warrant cancelled; she intends to divorce him.  Small faded photograph on file.  26 pages, List 4.

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FINCH, Henry. Deserted wife Mary Elizabeth at North Melbourne in 1918. Labourer, 51 years. Warrant withdrawn. 5 pages and very dark photo of him and female child.

FITZGERALD, Albert George, deserted wife Zilpha and three children at South Melbourne in 1906.  A printer, 29 years, has sisters Mrs. HONEYBONE in Sydney and Mrs. HARRISON at Mirbool.  Two photos and 10 pages, List 4.

FLEMING, James, deserted wife Christine at North Melbourne in 1902.  A Scot, 36 years, may assume name SHARP, last heard of in Sydney.  Photo.  3 pages, List 7.

FLORY, John Albert. Failure to pay maintenance to wife Rose Victoria nee PARKER in South Yarra in 1917. He was 32 years, a fireman on board ship, and using another name. Her father lived in London. 22 pages, 1 photo.

FORREST, Percival Albert.  Son of – ROTHERHAM, and William Faithfull Forrest, who lived in the Adelong/Beechworth area, deserted wife at Katoomba in 1919.  Photo of the two of them on file.  6 pages, List 3.


GASCH, Albert Ferdinand Nicholson, deserted wife Florence Emma and four children at Brunswick in 1906.  He is a German, 33 years, and cleared out with 26 year old Annie FRY.  Marriage certificate on file shows Florence was nee BELL.  Two letters from Albert on file.  28 pages and one photo.  List 6.

GILBERT, Johanna, Brunswick, deserted by husband Charles William Gilbert in 1900.  He was a baker at Coburg, had sold the business and disappeared with the proceeds.  Photo and one page report.  List 4.

GILES, George Henry. Deserted his illegitimate child by Florence Ethel ARMSTRONG in Elwood in 1917. He was a Victorian, 30 years of age and in the AIF. 2 pages and damaged photo [file pin put thru forehead].

GODFREY, Edwin Thomas, sought by C.I.D. in Natal, South Africa, for wife and child maintenance, 35 years, barman and clerk, left there with a Mrs. ADLER alias CRANCH.  Faded photo.  7 pages, List 7.

GOSS, John.  Deserted wife Matilda in 1902; she divorced him in 1904, 5 pages of court papers and one photo, List 4.

GREEN, Archibald, left wife at Flemington in 1895 and went to W.A.  In 1896 he wrote to her, and sent a photo of a group at men in a mining camp at Coolgardie.  In 1899  she asked police to try and find him; not found.  His letter and photo on file.  5 pages, List 4.

GREEN, John William. Deserted wife Jessie in Collingwood in 1919, went to Sydney with Ruby POWELL, whom he then deserted. Ruby was pregnant to him and planned to return to Melbourne. Green was a former Collingwood footballer who subsequently played for Brighton. Warrant subsequently cancelled as he was returning to his wife. The photo is of a group, possibly a family. 18 pages.

GRIFFIN, William. Baker, c48 yrs, deserted his illegitimate child by Ellen MAGUIRE in 1919 at Richmond. He had adult children at Geelong. Police find he had cleared out from his family 7-8 yrs previously. One photo, 3 pages.

GROSSMAN, Albert, deserted his illegitimate child by Sophia Agnes RAU at Jan Juc in 1909.  3 pages and photo.  List 4.

GUY, James.  Wanted in 1928 for wife desertion on Vera Guy of Maryborough, Victoria.  Chinese, 42yrs etc.  10 pages, no photograph, List 3.

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HAMILTON, Frederick Mordaunt. Deserted wife Rosalie and children Rosalie and Ruby at Hampton in 1918. Was a saddler, aged 39 yrs. Found in Sydney and extradited. One photo and 33 pages, many of which are Court documents.

HAMILTON, William Reginald, left wife Rose in Victoria in 1899, saying he was going to Hay NSW.  She went to police in 1900, had never heard from him, but he was seen in Sydney recently with a woman he claimed was his wife, and who she believes is Mrs. ALLAN of Prahran.  Rose has two children to support.   His mother’s maiden name was DONOUGH and he was usually employed around theatres.  Photo of him on file.  16 pages, List 4.

HARCOURT, Conrad, deserted wife Mary Agnes and child Eric at Preston in 1906.  Photo and 7 pages.  List 4.

HARMON, Frederick Thomas, 41 years, formerly a detective in the Tasmanian police force, deserted wife Isabel and children at Hobart in 1928; believed living with Gwen SIMMONDS/SYMMONS alias DINGLE, 37 years.  Photo, 14 pages, List 4.

HARRINGTON, David Abraham, sought by wife Edith Jane, Prospect South Australia, in 1907.  He was 50 years old, a carpenter; may be with  woman.  Photo on him in uniform – Army?  9 pages, List 7.

HAUGHEY, Arthur.  Charged by wife Olive, in 1913, with failure to pay maintenance.  He was a tailor, 28yrs, used the name HOWIE.  4 pages and photo.

HAY, Herbert Charles, deserted wife Elizabeth at Malvern.  In 1928 a photograph of him, using another name, appeared in a newspaper (on file).  He was 65 years old and a bullock driver.  15 pages, List 5.

HAYCOCK, Harold. Deserted wife Kate in Richmond in 1917; English, 29 years, gripman on cable car. Subsequently found to have committed a bigamous marriage using name Harold MANTON with Annie MYERS. Annie’s parents were Thomas MYERS, police constable, and Annie McINERNEY. His child Nellie [by Kate] was sent to him in South Australia, but ended up in an orphanage under the name Mary Manton. Letter from her to school friend on file, also marriage certificate. 23 pages, two photos, one with another male and one in a group.

HAYWARD, Henry James, deserted wife Mary Jane and two children at Parkville in 1918. He was a labourer aged 38 yrs. 3 pages, one photo.

HAZELL, Alfred John. Deserted wife Hazel Hazell in Melbourne in 1916. He was a Victorian, 26 years of age, whose mother lived in Fitzroy and aunt lived in Hurstville NSW. Their child had died in 1916. The photo was taken when he was a boy. 11 pages, one photo.

HEADEN, Thomas Henry. 35 years, a musician who appeared in vaudeville shows; known as ‘Tom Hedley the Musical Mute’. Deserted wife Geta Lola and children Roy, Thelma and Dorothy at Footscray in 1915. Finally arrested in 1917. 29 pages, some of them duplicates and photo.

HEEPS, George Ephraim, deserted wife Maud Clementine at Elmore in 1900, aged 43 years; may be with Mrs McPHAIL, who is separated from her husband.  Photo and 4 pages, List 4.

HENNESSY, Stanley, deserted unnamed child at Traralgon in 1913; warrant issued.  27 years, believed to be in Qld., not found.  Photo and 5 pages, List 8.

HILLS, Richard, deserted wife Mabel and children Joyce, Richard and Patricia at Prahran in 1928.  He was a returned soldier, 34 years.  2 pages and photo.  List 5.

HITCHCOCK, George Frederick.  Deserted his wife in Brunswick in 1904; 44 years, barman, believed to be interstate.  10 pages and a small poor quality photo, List 4.

HODGES, Archibald. Deserted his illegitimate child by Harriet EAGLES of Balaclava at Horsham in 1918, 22yrs old, returned soldier. 4 pages and photo.

HOPPER, William Henry, 36 years,  failed to comply with a court order taken out by his wife Veronica Elsie at Richmond in 1928; has an uncle at Mildura.  Photo and 7 pages.  List 6.

HOWARD, John Charles. Baker, 34 years, deserted wife Bertha at Hawthorn in 1917. One page, torn, and photo.

HURST, Cornelius Edwin, deserted wife Nellie Edna at Warrnambool in 1928.  Labourer, 24 years.  3 pages and photo.  List 4.

HUTCHINSON, Henry William Morris, deserted wife Rosa at Ballarat in 1928; left with wife’s sister Kathleen WALKER, 23 years.  Photo of both of them on the file.  3 pages, List 6.

HUXTABLE, Claude Albert, labourer, 28 years, wanted for maintenance on child of Ester E. STIRLING in 1915.  Photo.  9 pages, List 9.

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JENKINS, John Stewart. Deserted wife Margaret at Yarraville, 1897. He was born in Victoria and aged 25 years. 1 page and photo.


KEALY, Elizabeth M., Edenhope, took out warrant in 1928 for Rupert A. FENTON for failure to pay maintenance on her child James.  Fenton was a returned soldier, a farmer near Harrow, c32 years.  22 pages; no photo but letters from her.  List 5.

KELLETT, David Joseph. Deserted wife Harriette at Collingwood in 1918. A bootmaker, 36-38 years old, his mother lived at Collingwood, his sister was Mrs. OHLSEN. Harriette’s letter on file. 12 pages and photo.

KELLY, Henry Charles William, deserted wife Mary Elizabeth at Cobden in 1928.  A labourer, 38 years, has taken his six children with him, may be accompanied by Mrs. POLLARD, also of Cobden.  Photo of him, wife and three children.  7 pages and photo.  List 4.

KELSO, Lionel Charles. Deserted wife Ruby Clarice at Fitzroy in 1919. He was a vaudeville artist, c28 yrs. Elsie ATKINSON was enticed away by him previously. 17 pages, including two letters from him and photo.

KENT, Robert David.  Wife Florence Isabella arrived in Melbourne to join him in 1919, but he couldn’t be found; she is left destitute.  He was a ship’s painter, c30 years.  15 pages and photo of him in uniform.  List 7.

KING, Felix Frederick, deserted Alice R. GREEN atTamworthin 1896; she has had two illegitimate children to him, one of whom is Edward Cecil GREEN.  In 1900 she wrote several letters to police, asking them to find him, he was believed to be inMelbourne.   Not found.  Photo and 15 pages.   List 4.

KING, Walter Henry. A butcher, 37 years old, deserted his wife Ellie and four children at Footscray in 1919. Two small photos on file, one with his face in shadow. 8 pages, including a letter from him in Sydney.


LAHEY, Thomas Herbert. Born Tasmania, a carter/driver, c30 years of age, deserted wife Matilda Emma in 1917 in Tasmania. Arrested in Melbourne. 10 pages and photo.

LAKE, Percy Thomas, deserted wife Edith and two children at St. Kilda in 1928.  He is a wool classer, 24 years.  Photo of a couple; 2 pages, List 6.

LAMBTON, James Arthur. Deserted wife Lucretia and three children at Yalca near Nathalia in 1919. Formerly a school teacher, was a captain in the army. Believed to be with Nurse CROSSMAN in New Zealand. Her brother was Herbert Crossman of Quirindi. No photo, but letter from wife. 36 pages.

LANE, John Joseph, deserted wife and five children at Armadale in 1899, and ‘took up with a wealthy widow, Sophia MILLER’.  Wife writs that he was formerly an undertaker, and the pair had became undertakers at Woollongabba near Brisbane.  Photo of him on file.  11 pages, List 4.

LATTER, Irene May, charged Albert HART with deserting his illegitimate child Richard Alan Latter in 1928.  He was a painter, 23 years, mother lived at Albert Park.  No photo in this case, but a handwritten letter from her.  9 pages, List 6.

LE FEVRE, William. Deserted wife Amy at Abbotsford in 1917. A labourer, 34 years. She later receives a letter from him on Flinders Island, stating he is returning to Melbourne. 2 photos.

LITTLE, Albert John, deserted wife Rose Pattie at Beaumaris in 1928.  Labourer, 29 years, last heard of at Kerang.  Photo and 1 page, List 6.

LORD, Benjamin Edmund, deserted wife Agnes and children in 1928; 49 years, a plumber/seaman.  Photo with wife and two children on file; 3 pages, List 5.

LOVELL, Joseph Charles, deserted wife Rose at Abbotsford in 1928; 22 years mother at Preston.  4 pages and photo taken at Luna Park.  List 6.

LYON, Thomas Henry. Born England, wharf labourer, 28 years; married Mary Jane c.1916 at Shepparton. They came to Melbourne, but he was a drunkard and a gambler and deserted her in 1918. 3 pages and photo.

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McALLISTER, J., Waterous Landing via Yarloop Western Australia, wrote in 1904, reporting that his wife Mary Frances and children Robert, James, Frederick, Lillian and William had sailed from there to Perth with John BARRY under false names, and asks police to trace them.  Mary was born in Portland, maiden name JENNINGS.  Barry had deserted his wife and two children, who were now at Mount Cole.  Photos of both Mary and Barry on file.  14 pages, List 7.

MACAW, Desmond Barkly, deserted wife Daisy at Richmond in 1919; 27 years, no photo but two letters from Daisy on file.  10 pages, List 10.

McCABE, Albert Victor, deserted illegitimate child Norman Edward, son of Olive Myrtle JONES at North Melbourne in 1928.  Photo of a group of people., 2 pages.  List 5.

McCARTHY, Violet Esther. Took her two children, Thelma, 5 yrs and Kenneth, 4yrs, and left her husband and home in Richmond in 1918. 1 page and photo.

McCOY, William Vincent.  Left Victoria for Queensland c1899 and sent very little maintenance for his wife and four children who remained behind in Essendon.  Wife subsequently admitted to lunatic asylum, her mother has to take in some of the children, others working to maintain themselves.  Eldest daughter E. asks police to try and get some money out of him to assist his family.  File covers 1902-1904 and has a series of letters from him and a number of reports on the case; no photograph but some very interesting material.  Large file, List 4.

McCUE, Ernest, deserted wife Doreen Louise at Sunderland England in 1928.  Native of Ellerslie, Scotland, 28 years, last heard of in Fitzroy. Faded photo of him in kilt and 1 page, List 6.

McDONALD, Alfred Robert, deserted wife Nellie Maud at South Melbourne in 1913.  He was a labourer, c27 years, they have 4 children.  Several letters of his on file; claimed to have had an accident but this was a lie.  Photo of him and child.  16 pages, List 8.

MacDONALD, Arthur Raymond, deserted wife Elsie Mabel and child at Northcote in 1928.  Roof tiler, c23 years.  Photo of them both.  2 pages and photo.  List 4.

McDONALD, Duncan William. Deserted wife Lillie and four children at Carlton, 1908. Is 39 years old, an ex police constable, employed on railways at Perth, believed living with Mrs. Jessie HILL. No photograph, but letter from him claiming his wife is a drunkard and offering to pay fares for children to join him there; one child has died. File covers 1908-09 and is 32 pages. List 2.

McFARLANE, Sydney John, deserted illegitimate child Sydney George MUDFORD, mother Eva May, Brighton, in 1929.  Accountant, 39 years.  Faded photo of a couple and baby.  1 page, List 8.

McFARLANE, Thomas alias DUNNE alias HOGGARD alias SLOANE; born Victoria, 32 years in 1905, worked in shearing sheds.  Deserted wife Mary and four children at Burramine in 1904; 2 children sent to St Aiden’s Orphanage in 1908, when she is living at Yarawonga.  He is found in Forbes living with woman LOXLEY, and promises to pay maintenance, but clears out.  Later travelling with Mary CARTWRIGHT.  Found in 1909 in gaol in NSW, but not extradited to Victoria, as wife is found to have had an illegitimate child to his brother Michael, who had also deserted her. Large file covers 1904-1909 and includes a photo of him.  77 pages, List 2.

McGARRY, Andrew, deserted wife Hanorah at St Kilda in 1929, late hotel keeper, 57 years. Photo and 5 pages, List 8.

MacGRUER, William Edward  Deserted wife May and child at Sunshine, 1928.  He was Scotch, 30yrs of age, a fitter and turner.  Photo of a couple on file, and 2 pages.  List 3.

MacKENZIE, John Archibald. Born London, a clerk, 30 years of age, deserted wife Louisa Mary in North Melbourne in 1917. 3 pages. Photo in military uniform and very dark, may not reproduce well.

McKENZIE, William. Deserted illegitimate child Mavis Lloyd SPICE (mother Ruby May SPICE) at Kensington in 1918. Had been employed in Sunshine quarry, was c30 years. 4 pages and photo.

McLEAN, Ernest, deserted wife Jessie.  In 1918 she requested that the search for him cease; police had written to South African police.  This is an incomplete file, with no photo and no original letter.  3 pages, List 10.
Another file located, giving more detail.  His name was Ernest Charles McLean and he had been in the Australian 22nd Battalion before being court-martialled and sent back, but only got as far as Cape Town South Africa, where he again got into trouble.  His wife Jessie and 3 children in Victoria are destitute.  Photo of him in South African Gazette; born Dundee Scotland 1883, mechanical engineer.  9 pages, List 10.

McLEOD, John Daniel, let wife and children John Henry, 16, Jessie 14, Bernard 12, Florence 9 and Hayman 7 at Yarraville in c1911 and went working in a meat freezing works, but failed to send maintenance.  The wife was forced to go to work, was injured in a factory accident, then developed TB and died. Mrs Margaret M. LOWE took the children in initially, while police searched for him in New Zealand where his brother Norman was without success.  Photo of him in a group of men is in file.  27 pages, List 9.

McNAMARA, Jack, deserted wife Lilian Elizabeth and child Elizabeth at Spotswood in 1928; a driver, 23 years, Victorian.  Photo and 3 pages, List 6.

McNAMARA, Joseph Vincent, deserted wife Allerena Elsie Jane and two c hldren at Sale in 1919.  He was a Victorian, c25 years old, a motor driver.  1 page and very dark photo of him.  List 7.

MALVINO, Harry, deserted wife Kathleen at Carlton in 1918.  He was a theatrical manager, 63 years etc.  Photo of him with woman.  10 pages, List 7.

MARKS, Reuben.  Photo of man in uniform with army number 3083, inside envelope addressed to the manager, Craigburn Station, Mt. Direction Tasmania, attached to a small slip from a criminal offence report, indicated he was wanted for wife desertion.  In a box containing 1928 material, but could be from another year.  List 5.

MARSHALL, Clarence Harry Joseph, deserted wife Constance at Korumburra in 1928, had done so before.  5 pages and photo of him and child.  List 4.

MARTIN, Edward Arnold also known as Edward ARNOLD, deserted wife Mary Victoria and child at East Brunswick in 1928.  He was an accountant, 30 yrs of age.  8 pages and photo of family group on verandah.  List 3.

MARTIN, Edward Lawrence, deserted wife A. and children at North Melbourne in 1928.  He was 59 years, had been working at a sawmill; photo obviously taken when younger.  8 pages, List 6.

MASON, James Henry.  Deserted wife Mina in Hawthorn in 1901. English, 37 years, produce dealer.  Photo was provided but returned.  Not found.  6 pages, List 4.

MATTHEWS, John William, deserted wife Ethel Mary and three children at Modewarra near Geelong in 1928.  He was a storekeeper, 40 years.  Photo (wedding?) of him in uniform with a woman.  3 pages and photo, List 5.

MAY, Arthur Victor, deserted pregnant wife Maud Ethel Mary in Adelaide in 1907; believed in Broken Hill. No photo.   7 pages, List 7.

MAY, Samuel Robert, sought by wife Lily, C/- E.J. YELLAND, Gembrook Victoria in 1907.  He was in Tasmania under the name of JONES, working on the Ringarooma dredge.  Not found.  No photo.  10 pages, List 6.

MEYERS, George. Deserted wife Marion and child at Moonee Ponds in 1914. He was a labourer, 32 years, formerly worked in a tobacco factory. 6 pages, photo of a group of men, possibly at factory.

MILBOURNE, William.  Returned soldier, No. 663 of 24th Battalion, deserted wife Elsie in 1920.  Found interstate and extradited.  Two photos, one small one of head and shoulders, one larger shot of whole body; both in uniform.

MILLER, Charles Stuart.  Deserted wife in Sydney in 1884.  Arrested.  Photo on file.  List 9.

MILNE, Alexander Kenneth Claude. Wife Olive Powell nee SCROOP charges him with wife desertion and bigamy. They were married in 1926 in South Australia, and he has subsequently married Ina Mavis DUNNING nee HARVEY in Victoria in 1928, and had a daughter by her. He is 28 years of age, an engineer and returned soldier. Police ascertain that there was an earlier marriage to Virginia Olive PIKE. Photo of him in evening dress with medals on his chest. 27 pages.  Another file, covering 1928-1930 and containing copies of 3 marriage certificates, letters from his sister Mrs. Patricia JEMISON, reports from New Zealand police, including an interview with his father Alexander Robertson Milne etc.  77 pages, List 4.

MOCKRIDGE, Albert Thomas. Deserted wife Iris and four children in Carlton in 1912. He was a lithographic artist and stage singer and believed to have gone to Sydney on his way overseas. 2 photos, one of a group of males, perhaps on stage, and one of him.  10 pages.

MONTANA, Juan, deserted wife Jean Blair Montana, Hawthorn.  In 1913 she accuses police of protecting him from a warrant she has taken out.  He formerly lived at Monbulk, believed now to be living with woman THOMSON from Maryborough.  Two photos, one very faded.  List 8.

MORAN, Arthur Edward Augustus, deserted wife at Balaclava c1911; painter, 33 years, believed to have married Daisy PACINIE nee PIERCE who had 2 children by her husband.  She has since died and her father is looking for the children.  He was in Adelaide; has previously left children with a woman and now owes her money for their care.  15 pages and photo.  List 9.

MORRISON, Isabel, South Yarra, wrote in 1930 re her husband John, labourer, 33 years, last heard of at Quambatook.  1 page and photo, List 8.

MOYLE, Samuel, deserted wife Emma at Camberwell in 1928, believed to be with Maude Ellen RICHARDSON; photo of the two of them on file.  He was 39 years, a driver, she was English, 37 years.  Arrested interstate.  5 pages and photo, Lit 5.

MUSGROVE, Henry W. Deserted wife at Richmond in 1910, supposed living with prostitute Alice HALLAM. Photo of him.


NANKIVELL, Roy George, deserted wife Nancy Alma and child Roy at Carlton in 1928.  He was a motor cycle salesman, c30 years old.  Two photos and 6 pages, List 6.

NAPIER, William James, deserted illegitimate child of Josephine McGowan of Port Melbourne in 1928.  He was a metal polisher, 27 years.  Photo and 4 pages, List 4.

NELSON, Lewis William. Deserted wife Fanny Elizabeth at Geelong in 1917. He was a drover, 33 years old, believed to be in Melbourne with a young woman, May LAYTON. Wife and three children penniless. Photo of Nelson and Layton on file. 14 pages.

NEWTON, Samuel James. Deserted wife in Richmond in 1919. His father in law Robert Henry BURROWES writes to the police department, asking if Stephen Newton, recently committed for trial in NSW for murder, is the same person. Police advise it is not. Photo of Samuel in soldier’s uniform. 4 pages.

NICHOLSON, Samuel alias STOREY. Warrant issued for wife desertion in 1918. He was then 33 years old, occupation given as engineer (later altered to bricklayer) wife’s name was Mary and son Frank Police subsequently discovered he had enlisted under the name of Nicholson, and his military papers show a wife and two children at Katoomba. He was arrested in Sydney and extradited to Melbourne 1920. There are two very poor quality photos of him; one a distant shot with a group of males, the other has a smudge over his face. (I really don’t think they’re worth purchasing). In all there are 31 pages detailing the police investigation.

NORMAN, John Leonard.  Deserted wife Janet and infant son in 1918.  He was a gripman at Prahran, his parents lived at Horsham.  No photo but interesting letter from her.  9 pages, List 3.  Further file of 1919; Janet had died, warrant taken out by her mother Mrs E.C. SMITH of Welshpool withdrawn, several letters from Smith, who will raise the child.  20 pages, some repetition.  List 10.

NORRIS, Clive Lyell. Deserted wife Annie and three children at Colbrook near Ballan in 1919. Annie had relatives named McKenzie. He was a sawmill hand, 25yrs, known as Jack. They formerly lived at Warburton. Letter from Anna HONEYBALL on file, one of his lady friends. Mrs. Emma LAVELLE ‘recently in divorce court’ another of his friends. Photo of him as one of a group of employees of Walker’s sawmill near Warburton, and a separate photo just of him. 26 pages.

NORTON, Joseph McLellan, deserted wife Emily Elizabeth at Richmond in 1930; labourer, 27 years.  Two photos on file, one of a poor quality.  6 pages, List 8.

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OAKMAN, Thomas, deserted wife Catherine Mary and two children at Clifton Hill in 1914, a saddler/leather worker.  In 1916 she claims he has enlisted in the army.  File covers 1914-1917, with some repetition.  A faded photo of him on file.  30 pages, List 9.  Further file of 1914, includes letter from Catherine.  8 pages, List 9.

O’BRIEN, Frederick James, deserted wife Mary and infant in 1911 in Melbourne; warrant issued. In 1913 she cancelled the warrant.  He was a labourer, 20 years, believed in Sydney.  Photo on file of him in uniform, perhaps cadet/soldier outfit.  7 pages, List 8.

O’MULLANE, David William alias Darkie WILSON.  Deserted wife Min and two children at South Melbourne prior to 1919.  She asks police to find him, and encloses his letter (in faint pencil) from Winton Station, where he claims to be dying, but this is untrue.  No photo, but file is interesting.  6 pages, List 3.

O’NEILL, John Joseph. Deserted wife Claudine and child in South Melbourne in 1917. He was 37 years old, and his brother in law lived at Casino NSW. 6 pages, small photo of him in military uniform.

OSBORNE, Ernest, deserted wife Irene May and 3 children at Fitzroy in 1929.  Labourer, 24 years; his sister is Mrs Maude KENNITT.  3 pages and photo.  List 8.

OSWIN, Sarah Jane. See entry for BELL, H.


PACKER, G.  Wife W.L. Packer writes from New Zealand in 1904 re his failure to pay maintenance.  No photograph, but very expressive letter.  6 pages, List 4.

PARKER, Albert Edward. 31 years of age, wife Viola in Carlton, 1917. 1 page and photo.

PASSEY, Sidney Edward. Deserted wife Winifred Elizabeth Ann and child in Essendon in 1928. 28 years of age. Small photo of him with woman and baby. 5 pages.

PAUL, Frederick S., deserted wife Jessie at Richmond in 1919. He was a labourer, 30 years.  His employer in Sydney, Crawley and Patterson, slaters and tilers, offer to pay her fare there, but a latter letter withdraws the offer as he has left them.  He is finally arrested in 1922.  No photograph, but interesting letters.  19 pages, List 10.

PAYNE, Henry Walter, traveller for Iron Merchants, BRISCOE & CO. ofMelbourne, deserted wife Mary and 11 year old son at Old Gisborne c1893.  Wife wrote to police in 1900, he had been sighted recently inBrisbane, asks police to track him.  He has a cousin RENTER (?) there.  He would be 42 years, born at sea between England and Melbourne.    Police find a Henry Payne, who married Emily Jane CLAYTON in Townsville in 1896, a widower, but this is not him.  Photo of Henry and Mary taken c1888 on file.  Not found.  31 pages, List  4.

PENDLETON, George H. Eva WEBBER of Nairne South Australia, wrote in 1920. She had been keeping company with Pendleton, an Anzac boy, for over three years. He returned to Victoria to fix his late mother’s estate. Police find him in Geelong with a wife and family; Eva informed. Photo of him in uniform on file. 8 pages.

PHILLIPS, Mrs. E. of Peak Hill N.S.W., wrote in 1920 re her husband James. She has taken out a warrant for wife desertion; they have four children. He left with a dramatic company and was last heard of at Glenrowan; aged 42 years. He had a tattoo to his sister Florrie. Not found. 11 pages plus photo.

PHILLIPS, Henry, deserted wife Nellie at Camperdown in 1928.  He was a labourer, c27 years.  1 page and photo.  List 5.

PHILLIPS, William, jeweller deserted wife at Newton, Auckland New Zealand in 1914; she gave him money to start a business and he has absconded.  Not found.  6 pages and photo.  List 9.

PIELER, Charles William A. Deserted wife Etta at Carlton in 1918. Laborer, 42 yrs, naturalised German. 2 pages and photo.

PLATON, John or Stavros. Deserted wife Ila and children at Carlton in 1917, and was believed to be in Port Pirie. He was Greek, 32 years, a chef. 6 pages and photo of him with two women and a child.

POOLEY, Victor Joseph, deserted his illegetimate child by Margaret GRANT of Hawthorn in 1919.  Warrant issued by her brother John Erskine GRANT of Daylesford, but subseqeuently cancelled.  Photo.  17 pages, List 10.

PORTEOUS, Henry John. Deserted wife Eva and child Helen Emily in Brunswick in 1917, and ran off with Mrs. Rosaline LIVERSIDGE. He was a signwriter whose parents lived in Paddington. He was extradited from Sydney and gaoled but then disappeared again. Rosaline then used the name Miss LAURIE. 52 pages, some damaged. 4 photos; two different portraits of him, one in a group, including two children, in bathing costume, and one of a group of three women, one of whom was Rosaline Liversidge.


QUINN, Rosslyn Ainslie, deserted wife Carrie at Ormond in 1926.  Victorian, clerk, 35 years; may have gone interstate with woman named PYLE. File covers 1926-1933 and has two photos, one of a group and one of him.  24 pages, List 5.

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RAITT, Alexander Davidson, wanted for desertion of wife Susannah and 6 children at Barry’s Reef near Blackwood  in 1899.  He was Scottish, a baker, 36 years old; she has heard he is now in a relationship with Mrs. CANNARD of W.A.  5 pages and photo.  List 4.

READ, Gilbert Francis. Deserted wife Ellen at Warburton in 1919, believed heading for Thursday Island with Mrs. KERCHEVAL. 36 yrs of age. Note that there are 3 envelopes, but the photos have been taken out, so not on file. 23 pages.

REID, Alfred Charles Henry, deserted wife Thurza and son Alfred George at Collingwood in 1910, running off with her sister Nellie CHEEL.  He was a hotel manager, 29 years.  17 pages, some repetition, and one photo.  List 9.

REILLY, Marius Victor. Deserted wife Elizabeth Pernell Jane Reilly and two children at Ararat in 1918. He was a clerk, 31 yrs of age. Photo of him in uniform, letters from her. Found interstate and extradited. 45 pages.

RENNIE, Ann Hughes, Richmond, issued warrant in 1914 for arrest of Louis Bordie CAPERIE, for failure to pay maintenance on child.  They met at Alexandra when she was working there.  He is Italian, 22 years.  One photo and 10 pages, List 9.

ROBERTS, William John, deserted wife Lydia Jane at Windsor in 1928, not the first time he’d done so.  46 years, may have gone shearing.  Photo of a couple on file, 1 page, List 5.

ROBINSON, Albert Ernest. Deserted wife Margaret and three children at Ballarat in 1918. He was born Morrisons, was 43 years old and an engine driver. They had separated 7 years previously and he had paid maintenance until 1918. 3 pages, one photo.

ROSEMAN, John Patrick. Deserted wife Ellen and child at Collingwood in 1919. Bootmaker, 30 yrs. One page and photo of a couple.

ROSS, James. Deserted wife Bertha Eliza and their five children at Footscray in 1919. He was a cook, 61 years old. A poor quality coloured photo of the family group is on the file. 2 pages.

RUSHTON, James, enlisted in Adelaide, Private No. 942.  Whereabouts sought by Agnes MUNRO, Broken Hill in 1916, he owed maintenance on his child.  Relative Percy GOUDGE interviewed at Bendigo.  21 pages, List 7.

RUSTON, Robert William. Deserted wife Annie Searle Ruston in Collingwood in 1918. He was 31 years, a box maker and believed to be in Brisbane. 13 pages and photo.


SALVADOR, Victor. Deserted his wife in Richmond in 1912. She suspects he has gone to Tasmania and is using the name ARMSTRONG. He used to play football under the name Tiny ANDERSON. Small photo in football gear. Found. 6 pages.

SALVADOR, Victor.  Deserted wife Frances Rose Elsie nee SHERRY in 1912.  Found in Tasmania and promised to pay maintenance, but failed to do so.  In 1915 she found he had joined the AIF and applied for a share of his pay.  It was then discovered that he used the name ANDERSON, was known as the footballer Tiny Anderson, and had had a child by Dorothy CADBY in 1913, registered as Anderson.  31 pages, List  4.

SAUZIER, Louis Henry, deserted wife Lucy and two children at Parkside South Australia in 1906; photo on file.  In 1907 she enquired as to whether he was in gaol in Victoria.  South Australian Children’s Department also seek him for maintenance.  Arrested and gaoled under another name in country Victoria.  20 pages, List 7.

SEDGMAN, Claude W. alias LEONARD. Returned soldier. In 1916 left wife Vera and went to Adelaide to work as a driver. Vera went to live with her mother Mrs. MEIRS in Melbourne. In 1918 she discovered that he had gone to W. Australia with Irene GEORGE of Adelaide. File contains two photos of him, one faded, and one photo of Irene George, plus a letter from Irene’s mother. 26 pages.  Another file in 1920 detailing his subsequent movements; includes a letter from Irene George.  19 pages, List 7.

SHADDOCK, George Thomas, deserted wife Caroline at St Kilda.  Groom, c40 years, found interstate.  She was accidentally burnt to death in 1908 and discussion whether he should be brought back re maintenance claim.  Photo of him and 16 pages, List 4.

SHARP, John Buchanan, deserted wife Mabel at Thornbury in 1926; reported in 1928.  Victorian, bread carter, 34 years, photo in uniform.  5 pages, List 5.

SHARPE, William John. Deserted wife Kathleen at Fitzroy in 1919. Former soldier, was a wool scourer, 28yrs. 3 pages and one tiny faded photo.

SHORT, Norman Castlemaine. Deserted wife Eva Jane at Colac in 1918. A mechanic, c32 years old. 13 pages, one photo.

SIMS, Reginald, alias NASH alias MARSH alias RYAN, 29 years, wanted for maintenance of his illegitimate child by Winifred RYAN, Carlton, in 1928.  7 pages and very small photo.  List 5.

SINGLETON, James, Fitzroy, withdrew a large amount of money from the bank and deserted wife Annie in 1902.  He was a Tasmanian, c44 years, a case maker.  Photo of group of working men.  8 pages, List 6.

SINGLETON, Dorothy Rose, sought by husband Anthony of Upper Beaconsfield in 1928.  She was 36 years, the mother of 13 children, and believed to be with R.H. PHILPOT, a 38 year old carpenter.  2 pages and photo.  List 5.

SMART, Ernest. Deserted wife Mary and four children at Stawell in 1918, and believed to have run off with Mrs. Magdalen CHANNING, a soldier’s wife, and her five children. Bootmaker, born Maryborough, 32 years of age. Found interstate. 26 pages and photo of him and two children.

SMITH, Sydney. Wife took him to court in Bunbury WA in 1912 and obtained a separation and maintenance order, but he has not kept up the payments. His brother Henry was licensee of a hotel in South Melbourne, and his mother lives in the same suburb. His sister was Mrs. Pinnock. Sydney was c38 years of age and a timber worker. Photo of him and unnamed child taken 12 years ago. 8 pages.

SMITH, William Frederick, deserted wife Rosina Lillian and child at Brunswick West in 1928; 22 years.  4 pages and photo.  List 5.

SPILLER, Herbert. Deserted wife Agnes in Coburg in 1918. He was c34 years, a gas fitter and his mother lived in Adelaide. 2 photos and 6 pages.

SPLATT, Florence A., wrote in 1911 from Albury re her husband Colin, who was 51 years old and addicted to drink. He left a station property in NSW some months before, formerly lived in St. Kilda. His brother Alexander is also a drinker. Not found. 12 pages and photo.

STANLEY, Norman, known as Les BARNES. Deserted wife Daisy Stanley at Richmond in 1919. He was a labourer, 25yrs of age, kept company with Miss Ruby SCOTT and Miss BLUNDELL. 2 pages, one photo.

STEWART. Edward Buddle, deserted wife Sophia at Hesleden, near Castle Eden, Durham England in 1909.  In 1913 she asks police to find him as she is destitute; he has a relative WILKINS in Footscray.  Found living with another woman.  14 pages and small photo. List 9.

SWEENEY, Clement, deserted illegitimate child by Rita MEE at Carlton in 1915.  He was an ex prison warder, 27 years, and a member of the AIF.  photo and 1 page, List 8.

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TAYLOR, Ephraim, native of Hamilton, wheelwright, c25 years. Charged in 1893 with disobeying an order of the Portland Bench, with regard to his wife Fanny; residence Dunkeld. 2 pages and photo.

TAYLOR, Jane, Sydney, wrote twice in 1905 re her husband Robert, musician and bandmaster, who left her in 1904 and was probably living under an assumed name with another woman.  Small photo on file and A5 flyer offering monetary reward.  12 pages, List 7.

TEASE, William.  Deserted wife Grace at Richmond in 1904; a cook/shearer, 36 years, used aliases of Thomas HARDY and Thomas CRAIG, 25 pages and one photo, List 4.

TERRILL, Francis William, sought by wife Gwendoline Mary of Tambo Upper in 1928.  He was a farmer, may be with Mrs. Alice Margaret GREEN, licensee of the Cabbage Tree Hotel.  Photo of the married couple.  1 page, List 5.

THOMAS, Thomas.  Miner, c30 yrs, living at Broken Hill in 1920.  Failure to pay maintenance on illegitimate child of Effie WRIGHT, now Mrs. BURROWS, of Stawell.  She has had 3 illegitimate children, and the other fathers pay maintenance. 7 pages, no photo, but file incomplete.  List 3.

THOMAS, William, 29 years, deserted wife Caroline at Collingwood in 1906; believed in Warrnambool.  Small photo, 4 pages, List 7.

THOMSON, Edward G.D.,  deserted wife Mary and two children at Preston; has had a child by another woman.  Letters from both on file, along with a photo of him; 1906.  Found interstate and extradited to Melbourne.  31 pages, List 7.

TONGUE, George.  Miner, 27 years, deserted his wife and five young children in Melbourne in 1903, and went to W.A.  File covers 1903-1904.  No photo.  22 pages, List 4.

TORNEY, Samuel.  Returned soldier, c40 yrs of age, wanted in 1928 for failure to comply with a court order to maintain his wife Agnes Elizabeth of Stawell.  No photo.  4 pages, List 3.

TOWT, Douglas Stanley. Deserted wife Eileen and children at Burnley in 1919. He was a station manager and cattle dealer, 29yrs of age, parents lived at Surrey Hills. 2 pages and photo in poor condition.


VICKERS, Charles Edward. Deserted wife Katherine and two children at Fitzroy in 1917. He was a farm labourer, 40 years of age and she was now absolutely penniless and dependant on her mother. 1 page and photo.

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WALKER, Melbourne Denner, deserted wife Vera at Newport in 1928.  He was a lorry driver, 21 years.  3 pages and photo.  List 5.

WALLACE, Harold Charles.  Deserted wife Iris Selina at Bendigo in 1919. Returned soldier, 27yrs. 8 pages and photo.

WALLACE, Percy. Wrote a number of letters from Sydney in 1911 re his wife Lily and son Ronnie, 3 yrs, missing since October 1910. Sydney police state he is aware that she has run off with Aubrey LEVAUX and is trying to get the police to find them under the guise of a Missing Friends enquiry. Photo of wife and child on file. 21 pages, some in pencil.

WALSH, James. Deserted wife Elizabeth Mary at Brunswick in 1917; he was 22 years old, a boot factory employee. 4 pages and photo.

WESTGATE, Arthur Albert Henry. Deserted wife Margaret in Brisbane, 1918. Was released from Melbourne gaol, joined her and their two children for ten days, infected her with venereal disease, then deserted, taking her jewellery with him. Group photo of men in naval uniform. 10 pages.

WHEELER, Francis Edward, deserted wife Cecilia and four children at Black Rock in 1924.  English, ship’s cook, 47 years, last heard of at Sydney.  Photo and 2 pages, List 6.

WHITE, John. Deserted illegitimate child by Harriet Rebecca WATTS at Fitzroy in 1918, believed to be in Cairns Qld. He was a letter carrier or labourer, 22 years of age, with an aunt Mrs. Robertson in Elsternwick. Found, but Harriet can’t afford extradition costs and government won’t pay. 15 pages and faded photo of 4 men.

WHYKES, Matthew George, deserted wife Bessie and daughter Florence in 1900; he is the son of J.M., tailor, Ballarat, she is the daughter of James CROSS of Albury.  She asks police to find him in 1901.  Photo and 13
pages, List 4.

WICKHAM, Roland Romey. Deserted wife Amelia Mary and two year old child at Fitzroy in 1918. He has a sister named Flora. 2 pages and photo.

WIDDISON, Walter.  Wanted in 1928 for failure to pay maintenance on unnamed child at Ballan.  Labourer, 30 years.  9 pages and photo, List 5.

WILKINSON, Leslie, deserted illegitimate child by Ellen Florence FUNG CHUNG, at Bendigo in 1914.  He was c22 years, believed at Richmond.  10 pages and small photo.  List 9.

WILLIAMS, George Francis, left his wife in Tasmania in 1884 and went to Melbourne with her sister Rosannah BRENNAN, 18 years, whom he deserted there.  He was a tinsmith. Rose has two sisters, Mary, Mrs. Frederick JONES and Susan, Mrs. Frederick ROBINSON, both living in Tasmania.  Small photo of Williams on file.  7 pages, List 4.

WILLIAMSON, Joseph, deserted wife at Dudley near Wonthaggi in 1913 and went to NSW.  Various letters on file from people in NSW.  He was c38 years and she was ‘in delicate health’.  Found.  29 pages, List 9.

WILLIS, Gordon. Deserted his illegitimate child Horace Arthur AMEDEE in Mackay Qld in 1913. A saddler, c25 years old; found in Victoria. 10 pages and photo.

WILLIS, Gordon, wanted for maintenance of illegitimate child by Alice AMEDEE in Mackay Qld in 1913.  Found in country Victoria, denies claim, but doesn’t want to be sent back to Qld as has just established a business, so agrees to pay.  4 pages, List 9.

WONNACOTT, John Whitehead. Deserted wife in 1919 at St. Kilda. He was a tailor’s cutter, 51 yrs old. Letters from both her and him on file, but no photo. 18 pages.

WOODFORD, Ronbert Albert Edward, deserted wife Ruby Hazel and Camberwell in 1919; arrested interstate and escorted back by police.  He was 27 yrs old, an electric motorman and footballer; two photos, one in uniform and one in football gear.  21 pages, some duplication.  List 10.

WOODS, Ellen.  Wrote from Learmonth in 1904 re Michael BOOD, the father of her illegitimate child, who refuses to pay maintenance.  Police find he is married and has a child.  Very faded photo on file, seems more like a sketch, 18 pages, List 3

WRATTEN, Albert, deserted wife Isa Maud and children Hazel, Marjorie and Albert at Newport in 1928.  Returned soldier, 40 years.  2 pages and photo.  List 6.


YOUNG, Alexander. Deserted his illegitimate child by Clara BRENNAN in Port Melbourne in 1917. He was a returned soldier, c42 years. 3 pages and photo.

YOUNG, H.A. wrote from Ashfield New South Wales in 1913 re his wife Ivy Matilda nee Boyd, who left him the previous year. She was a good business woman. He enclosed a number of photographs, but all have faded so much as to be useless, except one, which is damaged but legible. 8 pages.

YOURELL, George. Deserted illegitimate child Marjorie Jean ODGERS, (mother Shirley) at Prahran in 1918. He was 21 yrs of age, believed to be in N.S.W. and using name BRUCE. Warrant cancelled 1922. 21 pages and photo.

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