Employment Applications


By Helen D. Harris, OAM.

This web page lists basic details of people who wrote to various Victorian government departments, in the 19th century, seeking employment in the Victorian public service. I have already indexed, and published, a list of all those who sought employment in the police department during this time, compiled from police correspondence files, held at the Public Record Office. Those microfiche indexes are still available, and can be purchased from Harriland Press by clicking on that website. In addition there are some applications to join the police department on both the Index to Missing People and Index to Criminal & Other Case Files web pages.

The list below is taken from other government department records, found as I was researching another project. It is by no means a complete record of all those who wrote seeking employment, merely those I have come across to date. The list will be added to as time permits.

Like all correspondence, the amount of detail in the applications for employment varies considerably, from a simple formal application of a few lines, to a detailed listing of the applicant’s previous employment and personal history.  Some files consist of one or two pages only, while in others the file can run to over 20 pages, as the applicant renews their application more than once.

As in my other web pages, I am happy to arrange photocopying of a file; details of how to do this are below.


Please note that the retrieval service will not be available from 1st September to the end of October 2014 as I am working on a major project which has a tight timeline.

  1. Note the names, date and detail of the file, including the number of pages involved.
  2. Work out the cost of photocopying, at 70c per page, (including GST) as charged by the Public Record Office.  Add $AUS40 retrieval fee for each file. (No GST charged on retrieval fee.)
  3. Either send a cheque in Australian Dollars made out to Harriland Press to PO Box 92, Forest Hill, Victoria, Australia, 3131, or email me to obtain details for a direct credit to our account. If  you wish to send a cheque in a foreign currency please allow $Aust15 bank fee. New Zealand and English orders are advised to email me for alternate arrangements.  Please include two International Reply Paid Coupons for return postage if outside Australia, (obtainable from any post office) otherwise a $1.20 Australian stamp if under 10 pages, or $2 for extra pages.
  4. Remember to supply your own address, including if possible, an email address.
  5. You will be emailed when your letter arrives and the photocopies are ordered, and again when your order has been posted to you. Please note that the PRO has advised that from 1 August 2011 there will be a 25 day delay between placement of orders and their availability.  One way to quicken up the process is to pay the next day fee of $7.50, but there is a limit of 20 copies only for this service.
  6. My email address is hdh1[at]ozemail.com.au (you will need to remove the ‘at’ and replace with @).
  7. Alternatively, for a fee of $50, I will make a digital copy of a file, using the camera now located in the Search Room, burn it to a disc and post out.

When someone requests a file I keep a note of their details, and place a CONNECTION FOUND next to the relevant entry. If in the future someone else requests the same file, I put the two researchers in touch with one another.

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