Index to Deserters of Wives and Children 1880-1895

| Updated on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

INDEX TO DESERTERS OF WIVES AND CHILDREN 1880-1885; 1886-1890; 1891-1895

Compiled by Helen Doxford Harris OAM

These microfiche indexes have been compiled from the weekly issues of the Victoria Police Gazette from 1880- 1885, 1886-1890 and 1891-1895. Each contains over 3,000 entries relating to men who deserted their wives and/or families, and women who deserted their children. While the indexes published in the Gazettes only list the name of the offender, these indexes include all names published in each entry.  The Gazettes have also been digitized, but the search facility is not always 100% accurate, and it is easy to miss a relevant name just using that option.

Details provided in the indexes include the offender’s name and, where known, their birthplace, age, occupation, the area in which they had been living, their possible future movements and known relatives. In a number of cases the victim also is named, and these entries have also been cross-referenced back to the offender.

An additional index of locations is included. Researchers may find this useful when seeking details of the paternity of an illegitimate child. If the birthplace of such a child is known, the locational index can be used to search for a possible matching entry, as the mother (usually unnamed in the Gazette entry) may have laid charges against the father, at a local court.

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