Missing Friends in the Victoria Police Gazette 1880-1885

| Updated on Thursday, January 9th, 2014


Compiled by Helen Doxford Harris OAM

The Victoria Police Gazette commenced in December 1853 and was published weekly by the Victoria Police.  The Gazettes were not available to the public, but were published for the benefit of members of the police force and government officials.  Among the information listed in the Gazettes is a section headed Missing Friends.  These people were overwhelmingly not criminals, but merely sought by police in order that old friends, relatives or other government officials could make contact with them.  Many of the entries on the fiche relate to events that occurred up to forty years earlier, and thus can provide vital, and hard to obtain, information about a person’s background.  One would hardly think to look in a Police Gazette for details of an emigrant’s arrival in the colony 30-40 years before, or what they might have been doing on the goldfields 20 years before, yet this is precisely the type of information that can sometimes be  found in these entries.

The fiche consists of an introduction, which explains how still further details may have survived, an index to over 1,000 names, and a complete transcript of every entry.

See top of this page for details of how to access the research service for this fiche, copies of which are no longer available.

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