Index to Children in Victorian Institutions 1860-63

| Updated on Thursday, January 9th, 2014


Compiled by Helen Doxford Harris OAM

This microfiche index is an alphabetical listing of children held in various charitable institutions in Victoria between 1860-63, and has been compiled from material held in the files of the Chief Secretary’s Office, which are housed at the Public Record Office, North Melbourne repository.

The institutions concerned were:

  • The Immigrants Home, Melbourne
  • The Melbourne Protestant Orphan Asylum
  • St. Vincent De Paul Orphanage, South Melbourne
  • Ballarat Benevolent Asylum
  • Beechworth Asylum
  • Bendigo Benevolent Asylum
  • Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum
  • Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum
  • Geelong Roman Catholic Orphanage

The information provided on this fiche includes some or all of the following:

  • Name, birthplace and age of child
  • Name of institution, date of admission, by whom admitted
  • Previous residence of child
  • Details of parents (birthplace/occupation)
  • To whom child apprenticed.

In many cases the data provided here leads to further sources of information.

In 1864 Industrial Schools were established, and many of the children held in these institutions were transferred to the care of the relevant government department. The Industrial School Registers to 1894 have been indexed by the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies – see their website for details. However the early Registers often contain little detail about the background of the children, and the details on this fiche may supply the missing information.

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