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Women Lecturers in Melbourne 1880-1905

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a’BECKETT, Mrs. T.A. Literature
ACKERMAN, Miss Jessie Religion; Temperance
ADAM, Mrs. (Snr) Spiritualism
ADELE, Madame Spiritualism
ALLEN, Mrs. Spiritualism
ALLEYN, Mrs. Spiritualism
ANDREW, Mrs. (USA) Religion
ANDREWS, Mrs. T.R. Charity
ANNETTE, Madame Spiritualism
ARCHER, Madame Spiritualism
ARNOLD, Miss (from India) Religion
ATKINSON, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
ATKINSON, Miss Jennie Temperance
BAEYERTZ, Mrs. Religion
BAKER, Mrs. Travel
BALARD, Mrs. E. Spiritualism
BALLOU, Mrs. Addie (USA) Spiritualism; Women’s Suffrage
BARBER, Mrs. Temperance; Religion
BARBERY, Mrs. Spiritualism
BARNETT, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BARR, Mrs. Spiritualism
BARRINGTON, Mrs. (B of A) Politics
BARRY, Mrs. Socialist
BARTLETT, Mrs. Spiritualism
BEAR, Miss (Annette) Re legal age of consent
BEAR, Miss (Annette) Vigilance Association
BEAR CRAWFORD, Mrs. A. Women’s Suffrage
BEAUMONT, Mrs. Spiritualism
BELL, Miss Temperance
BENHAM, Mrs. Spiritualism
BERNHARDT, Mrs. Spiritualism
BESANT, Annie Social Issues
BESANT SCOTT, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BESANT SCOTT, Mrs. Literature
BIDDULPH, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BLACKBURN, Mrs. Religion
BLAIR, Miss Crimes Act Amendment Bill
BLAKELEY, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BLISS, Miss (of Madagscar) Religion
BOAS, Mrs. Spiritualism
BODEN, Mrs. Fred. Spiritualism
BON VESTE, Mde. Spiritualism
BOOTH, Miss Crimes Act Amendment Bill
BOOTH, Miss S. Religion
BOWIE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BRADLEY, Mrs. Spiritualism
BRAITHWAITE, Miss Religion
BRANFORD, Eleanor M. Warrawee Club
BRIDE, Mrs. Religion; Temperance
BRIGHAM, Mrs. Helen Temple Spiritualism
BRIGHT, Mrs. Charles Spiritualism
BROADBENT, Miss Temperance
BROKENSHIRE, Mrs. Religion
BROMILOW, Mrs. Religion
BROWN, Mrs. E.M.E. (N.S.W.) Religion; Temperance
BROWN/BROWNE, Mrs. F.M.K. Religion
BROWN, Miss M. Hirst Austral Salon
BROWNE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BROWNLIE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
BURBANK, Mrs. Ednott Spiritualism; Health
BUSHNELL, Dr. Kate (USA) Religion
BUTLER, Mrs. Temperance
CAIN, Mrs. Religion
CALVERT, Mrs. Spiritualism
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Health; Spiritualism
CARMICHAEL, Miss Jennings Poet
CARTER, Mrs. Warrawee Club
CARTER, Mrs. F.G. Social Science Congress
CARTIN, Millie Social Issues
CASTILLA, Dr. Amy Warrawee Club
CEMP, Mrs. Spiritualism
CHAINEY, Mrs. Kimball (USA) Spiritualism
CHAPMAN, Tessie B. Religion
CHESTERS, J. Women’s Suffrage
CLARKE, M. Helen Politics
CLARKE WELLS, Mrs. L. Health
COFFYN, Mrs. S.M. Cookery, Health
COOKE, Mrs. (USA) Spiritualism
COLEMAN, Mrs. Temperance
COLLINS, Sister Politics
COOMBS, Mrs. J.W. Temperance
COOMBER, Mrs. (COOMBS?) Temperance
CONNOLLY, Miss E.E.M. Artist
CORTISSOS, Mrs. Temperance
CRAWFORD, Mrs. Temperance
CRUTCHFIELD, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
CUMMING, Miss Temperance
CUTHBERTSON, Miss Politics
DAVENPORT, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
DAVIES, Miss Religion; Socialist
DAVIES, Miss Women’s Suffrage
DAVIES, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
DAVIES, Bessie Women’s Suffrage
DAY, Mrs. Spiritualism
DEANE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
DEARDEN SMITH, Mrs. Spiritualism
DEMAIN-GRANGE, Mrs. Philosophy
DENNIS, Mrs. Readings
DERHAM, Miss Enid Literary
DETTMER, Mrs. Emilie Temperance
DETTRIES, Mrs. Temperance
DEVONPORT, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
DICK, Miss (Elphinstone) Health
DICKENS, Mrs. Health
DICKENSON, Mrs. Sidney Austral Salon
DICKSON, Miss Spiritualism
DIGBY, Miss Religion
DOERY, Miss Religion
DOWNES, Mrs. Vic. Society, re servants
DOWNING, Mrs. Religion; Temperance
DRAKE, C. Women’s Suffrage
DREYFUS, Mademoiselle French Literature
DUGDALE, Mrs. H. Temperance; Women’s Rights
DYER, Mrs. Temperance
ECYDS, Mrs. Spiritualism
EDGER, Miss Lilian (N.Z) Religion
EDWARDS, Mrs. Spiritualism
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Temperance; Spiritualism
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Catherine Women’s Suffrage
ELLIS, Miss, (B of Arts) Literature
ELLIS, Miss Warrawee Club
EMBLING, Mrs. W.H. Vic Society, re servants
FAULKNER, Miss (UK) Religion
FERGUSON, Mrs. Thomas Temperance; Religion
FINDLAY, Mrs. Temperance
FINLAY, Miss Health; Temperance
FOLGER, Mrs. A.L. Health
FORD, Miss Ada Religion
FORSTER, Mrs. Sadlier Temperance; Religion; Health
FOWLER, Miss Jessie Allen Phrenology; Temperance
FOYE, Mrs. Ada Spiritualism
FRASER, Miss Literary
FRYER, Mrs. Discharged F. Prisoners Society
FULLERTON, Miss Politics
GATENSON, Mrs. Socialist
GAUNT, Miss G.E. Health
GEACH, M.G. Warrawee Club
GIBSON, Mrs. Temperance
GILL, Miss Frances Tyrrell- Poetry
GLENNON, Miss Health
GLENNY, Mrs. (Auckland NZ) Religion
GODWIN SMITH, Miss Literary
GOLDSTEIN, Miss Women’s Suffrage
GOLDSTEIN, Miss Social Issues
GOLDSTEIN, Mrs. Charity Conference
GOOCH, Miss Travel
GORDON, Mrs. Spiritualism
GOUGH, Mrs. Evelyn Warrawee Club; Literature
GRACE, Miss Politics
GRANGE, Mrs. Demain Philosophy
GRAVES, Miss Socialist; Women’s Suffrage
GREENHAM, Mrs. Spiritualism
GREENWOOD, Mrs. Discharged F. Prisoners Society
GREIG, Miss Millinery
GRESLEY, Madame L. Warrawee Club
GRIFFITHS, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
GROVER, Mrs. Jessie Sericultural Co.
GUNN, Miney C. (USA) Astrology; Spiritualism
GUSTAFSON, Mrs. Z. Temperance
GUSTAFSON, Mrs. Z. Women’s Suffrage
HALL, Miss Spiritualism
HALL, Mrs. Hannah (USA) Religion
HALLEY, Mrs. Religion
HAMER, Mrs. Religion
HAMILTON, Mrs. (of London) Dressmaking
HAMPSON, Mrs. Religion
HANCOCK, Miss Spiritualism
HANCOCK, Miss M. Spiritualism
HARD, Mrs. C.P. Religion
HARRIS, Mrs. Cookery
HARRIS, Mrs. J. Spiritualism
HARRISON, Mrs. Religion
HARRISON LEE, Mrs. Religion; Women’s Suffrage
HASTINGS, Miss Lydia (USA) Elocutionist
HEATH, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
HEINBOCHEL, Mrs. Warrawee Club
HEINBOCKEL, Miss Women’s Suffrage
HEINBOCKEL, Miss Cush Travel
HENDERSON, Mrs. E.R. Women’s Suffrage
HENRY, Miss Health
HENRY, Miss A. Social Issues
HENRY, Miss A. Warrawee Club
HESLOP, Mrs. Temperance
HILL, Mrs. Ruffy (W. Aust.) Women’s Suffrage
HILL, Mrs. T.P. Novelist
HIRST BROWNE, Miss M. Austral Salon
HISLOP, Mrs. (N.Z.) Women’s Suffrage
HOBBS, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
HOBBY, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
HODGES, Mrs. Temperance
HOGG, Mrs. Spiritualism
HOLDEN, Miss F.G. Social Science Congress
HOWIE, Anna Women’s Suffrage
HOWIE, Laura Women’s Suffrage
HOWIE, Mrs. S. Women’s Suffrage
HOWISON, Miss Jean (Scotland) Literary
HUGHES, Eva Politics
HUGHES, Mrs. Ivan Spiritualist
HUGHES, Mrs. J. Spiritualism
HUGHES, Mrs. Sisson Spiritualism
HULSEY, Mrs. Religion; Temperance
HUMBLE, Mrs. Religion; Temperance
HUMBLE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
HUNT, Mrs. H.W. Religion
HUTCHINSON, Mrs. Spiritualism
IVEY, Miss Socialist
JACKSON, Emily Women’s Suffrage
JACKSON, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
JUNO, Miss Eloise Elocutionist
JENNY WREN Spiritualism
KELLIE, Mrs. (Sydney) Spiritualism
KELLY, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
KENNEDY, Miss E. Health
KENT, Mrs. Spiritualism
KILLEY, Miss Socialist
KIMBALL-CHAINEY, Mrs. Anna (USA) Spiritualism
KIRK, Mrs. Temperance
KNIGHT, Mrs. Spiritualism
KNIGHT, Mrs. R.T. Spiritualism
KNOWLES, Mrs. E.A. Religion
LAKE, Mrs, (S. Aust.) Women’s Suffrage
LAMBRICK, Miss Travel
LANGDALE, Mrs. Health; Women’s Suffrage
LANGLANDS, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
LANGTON-LANGTON, Mrs. (UK) Temperance
LAURE, Mrs. Spiritualism
LAWS, Miss Women’s Suffrage
LEAVITT, Mrs. Religion
LECKIE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
LEE, Mrs. (Harrison) Women’s Suffrage
LEE, Mrs. (Harrison) Politics, Religion
LEE ARCHER, Miss Health
LE GRAND, Madame Spiritualism
LE GRESLEY, Madame Millinery
LEPPER, Fraulein Sophie Health
LION, Mademoiselle M. French Classes
LISTER, Miss Women’s Suffrage
LISTER, Mrs. Watson Women’s Suffrage
LONGHURST, Mrs. Religion
LOCKE, Lilian Socialist; Women’s Suffrage
LORD, Miss Temperance
LORNE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
LOVE, Mrs. Discharged. F. Prisoners Society
LOVE, Mrs. M. Temperance
LOWE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
LUDWIG, Mrs. (UK) Religion
LYTTLETON, Miss Literature
McCORMICK, Miss Josephine Health
McDONALD, Miss Temperance
McDONALD, Mrs. Religion; Temperance
MacDONALD, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
McDOWELL, Mrs. Temperance
MacFEW, Mrs. Socialist
McGILL, Mrs. Religion
McGUIRE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
McKAY, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
McLEAN, Mrs. William Women’s Suffrage; Travel
McLENNAN, Mrs. Spiritualism
McLEOD, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
McSWEENEY, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
MAGNER, Miss Politics
MALCOLM, Miss Temperance
MANN, Mrs. (Tom?) Women’s Suffrage
MARGARET, Sister Temperance; Religion
MARKS, Mrs. Temperance
MARY of Israelite House (USA) Religion
MASSEY, Madame A.M. (NSW) Temperance
MAXWELL, Mrs. George Women’s Suffrage
MELLON, Mrs. Spiritualism
MERSON, Miss Temperance
MERSON, Mrs. Temperance
MICHIE, Miss Women’s Suffrage
MICHIE, Miss Janet Social Issues
MIDDLEBROOK, Mrs. Religion
MILL, Mrs. Rowlands Religion
MILLARD, Mrs. Religion
MILLIARD, Mrs. Religion
MILLS, Mrs. Dr. Jane P. (USA) Health
MILLS, Miss P. Temperance
MOODIE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
MOON, Miss A.C. Health
MOORHEAD, Mrs. Charity Conference
MORGAN, Dr. Laura Health
MORRIS, Miss Mary, (B of A) Literature
MORRISON, Mrs. Spiritualism
MORSE, Florence Spiritualism
MORT, Miss Religion
MOUCHETTE, Madame Artist
MUIR, Mrs. Socialist; Women’s Suffrage
MUIR, Sarah Women’s Suffrage
MURAT, Madame Health
MURET, Mrs. Campbell Health
MURRAY, Mrs. A. Health
NELSON, Mrs. Spiritualism
NELSON, Mrs. E.J. Religion
NIGHTINGALE, Mrs. Charity Conference
NEVEIN, Mrs. A. Spiritualism
NEWCOMBE, Miss Religion
NICHOLLS, Mrs. Politics
NIVEN, Miss Health
OAKLEY, Mrs.Cooper Religion
OATTS, Mrs. U.M. (Glasgow) Religion
OFFENHAUSE, Madame Spiritualism
O’GORMAN, Edith (USA) Religion
ORGILL, Mrs. Health
OSBORNE, Mrs. (USA) Religion
PARKER, Mrs. Spiritualism
PARKER, Mrs. Sarah Spiritualism
PARSONS, Mrs. Spiritualism
PAUL, Miss Politics
PEARSON, Miss Cookery
PEERS, Mrs. Warrawee Club
PENNY, Miss Religion
PERRATON, Mrs. Music
PHILLIPS, Miss Athlete
PHILLIPS, Miss Warrawee Club
PHILLIPS, Mrs. Temperance
PHILLIPS, Mrs. Religion
PHILLIPS, Mrs. H. Temperance
PIPER, Mrs. Religion
PLANT, Miss Religion
POTTS, Dr. Anna M. (USA) Health
POYNTER, Miss Health; Religion
PRAED, Mrs. Alice Spiritualism
PRESS, Mrs. Discharged F. Prisoners Society
PRESS, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
PRESTON, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
PRICE, Jane Women’s Suffrage
PRIOR, Mrs. Loie F. Spiritualism
PRIOR, Rev. Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
PURNELL, Miss Women’s Suffrage
RAEBURN, Mrs. Spiritualism
RAPIER, Miss Women’s Suffrage
REDFERN, Mrs. M.S. Spiritualism
REED, Miss Mary/May Religion
RENNICK, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
RENWICK, Mrs. Politics
REYNOLDS, Mrs. Spiritualism
RICHARDSON, Mrs. Temperance
RICKARBY,Catherine T. Women’s Employment; Education
ROBERTSON, Mrs. Politics
ROBERTSON, Mrs. D.R. Spiritualism
ROLYAT, Madame Spiritualism
ROSENHAIM, Miss Warrawee Club
ROTH, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
ROUT, Mrs. Caroline (of Canada) Religion
ROWE, Mrs. (Glenfine) Charity Conference
ROWLAND, Mrs. Spiritualism
ROWLANDS MILL, Mrs. Religion
RUFFY HILL, Mrs. (W. Aust.) Women’s Suffrage
RUSDEN, Miss Women’s Suffrage
RYDER, Dr. Emma Religion; Health
SADLIER FORSTER, Mrs. Religion; Temperance; Health
ST. AUBYN, Madame Spiritualism
ST. HILL, Miss Philosophy
SAMUEL, Miss Health; Spiritualism
SAMUELS, Miss Temperance
SAURE, Mrs. Spiritualism
SAYER’S Mrs. Cookery
SCHREIBER, Miss (S. Africa) Religion
SCHREINER, Miss (S. Africa) Religion
SCOTT, Miss Artist
SCOTT, Miss Rose Women’s Suffrage
SEARS, Miss Religion
SEATON, Mrs. Temperance
SECCOMBE, Mrs. Spiritualism
SELBY, Mrs. Tessie B. Religion
SERGEANT, Mrs. Charity Conference
SEYMOUR, Mrs. Edith Scientist
SHARPE, Mrs. Spiritualism
SHARPE, Mrs. Emily Spiritualism
SHEAR, Miss (THEAR?) Temperance
SHEPHERD, Margaret L. Religion
SIBLEY, Madame Phrenology
SIM, Elizabeth Spiritualism
SIMMONDS, Miss A. Women’s Suffrage
SIMMONS, Miss A. Women’s Suffrage
SIMS, Elizabeth Spiritualism
SISSON-HUGHES, Mrs. Spiritualism
SLATTERY, Mrs. Religion
SMITH, Mrs. Socialist; Women’s Suffrage
SMITH, Mrs. Dearden Spiritualism
SMITH, Miss Godwin Literary
SMYTH, Mrs. B. Women’s Suffrage
SMYTH, Mrs. B. Health
SMYTHE, Mrs. Temperance
SMYTHE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
SOTT, Mrs. Religion
SPENCE, Miss (C.H.) Charity Conference
SPENCE, Miss (C.H.) Politics; Women’s Suffrage
SPRIGG, Miss Health
STEEL, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
STEELE, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
STERLING, Madame Crimes Act Amendment Bill
STERRY, Mrs. Spiritualism
STEWART, Miss Religion
STEWART, Mrs. A. Phrenology
STIRLING, Mrs. Health
STOCKWELL, Mrs. Temperance
STOCKWELL, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
STONE, Dr. Clara Health
STONE, Dr. E.C. Health
STONE, Dr. Constance Re Legal Age of Consent; Vigilance Association
STONE, Dr. Mary Temperance; Religion
STONE, Dr. Mary Page Health
STUART, Miss Religion
SUMMERFIELD, Mrs. Rose Socialist
SUMMERS, Miss Health
SURENNE, Mrs. (Sydney) Spiritualism
SURREY, Mrs. Spiritualism
SUTHERLAND, Miss Women’s Suffrage
SUTHERLAND, Miss S. Re Legal Age of Consent
SUTHERLAND, Miss S. Crimes Act Amendment Bill
SUTHERLAND, Miss S. Social Issues
SUTHERLAND, Mrs. Spiritualism
SWEET, Dr. Georgina Travel
SYMONDS, Miss Swimming
TAYLOR, Mrs. Woodleigh Spiritualism
TEMPLE BRIGHAM, Mrs. Helen Spiritualism
THEAR, Miss (SHEAR?) Temperance
THOMPSON, Mrs. Health
THOMSON, C.M. Politics
THURGOOD, Mrs. C.L. Religion
THYHON, Mrs. Spiritualism
TIERNEY, Mrs. Health
TODD, Florence Emily Socialist
TOLZER, Mrs. A.L. Health
TRESTRAIL, Mrs. Temperance
TUCKFIELD, Mrs. J.W. Social Issues
TUNNECLIFFE, Miss Temperance
TURNBULL, Mrs. Social Science Congress
TURNER, Mrs. Annie Spiritualism
TYRRELL-GILL, Miss Frances Poetry
VANCE, Madame Cora Spiritualism
VANE, Mrs. Cecil Spiritualism
VARCOE, Mrs. Religion; Temperance
VARCOE, Mrs. Crimes Act Amendment Bill
VESTE, Mde. Bon Spiritualism
VINCENT, Miss Temperance; Religion
WACHTMEISTER, Countess Religion
WADE, Mrs. Spiritualism
WALKER, Miss Emilie Literary
WALLACE, Mrs. Spiritualism
WALSH, Mrs. Temperance
WARREN-BALL, Mrs. I. Temperance
WARTON, Mrs. Mary Charity Conference
WATSON, Miss Politics
WATSON, Mrs. E.L. Spiritualism
WATSON-LISTER, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
WATTS, Mrs. Temperance
WEBSTER, Mrs. (Martha) Health; Religion; Women’s Suffrage
WEICKHARDT, Mrs. Charity Conference
WELLS, Mrs. L. Clarke Health
WELLS, Susanne E. (B.A. Lond.) Religion
WHARNE, Mrs. Temperance
WHARIE, Mrs. Temperance
WHARRIE, Mrs. Temperance
WHARRIS ? Mrs. Temperance
WHEATEN, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
WHITING, Mrs. Women’s Suffrage
WICKEN, Mrs. Cookery
WILLIAMS, Miss Spiritualism
WILMOT, Madame Lottie Social Issues, Spiritualism
WILSON, Miss Health
WILSON, Mrs. Spiritualism
WINDEYER, Lady Charity Conference
WINTERBURN, Mrs. Spiritualism
WOODLEIGH-TAYLOR, Mrs. Spiritualism
WOOD, Mrs. H.N. Spiritualism
WOOD, Mrs. H.M. Spiritualism
WOODS, Mrs. Spiritualism
WOOLVERN, Mrs. Cookery
WRAXHALL, Lady Temperance
WREN, Jenny Spiritualism
WRIGHT, Miss Temperance
YALE, Mrs. Spiritualism
YATES, Mrs. Health; Spiritualism
YOUNG, Mrs. A. Health
YOUNG, Mrs. (of Adelaide) Women’s Suffrage
YOUNG, Miss Florence Religion
ZEPHEY, Madame Spiritualism
ZUILA, Madame Tight Rope Walker